Mission Statement

We believe that everyone is deserving of quality skin care and we believe LHE technology is the key to make that happen. Our dedication to innovation, safety and results is the driving force behind our systems. They can be used for a wide range of applications that will help expand your repertoire of services and your client base.
We also believe that our obligation does not end with the purchase. Effective training, proven post-sales marketing and responsive technical support all work together to make your experience with LHE a success. Radiancy is there for you, offering Smart Skin Solutions that fit your needs.

Radiancy Opens its Doors

In 1998, Radiancy opened its doors with an idea and a vision; to make quality light-based skin care available for everyone. Radiancy set out to develop a range of easy-to-use, affordable phototherapy systems.

Becoming a Market Leader

Just 2 short years later, Radiancy revolutionized phototherapy with the introduction of Light & Heat Energy (LHE) technology. Their premier system, SpaTouch, offered a safer, more efficient photoepilation process. SpaTouch was closely followed by ClearTouch for acne treatments. SkinStation, the first true multi-platform device, was introduced to treat acne, psoriasis, hair removal and aging skin. User friendly and cost effective, these systems exceeded expectations and outsold much larger and more entrenched competitors.

By 2002, Radiancy had captured an unprecedented 37% of the market share. Radiancy took its place as a global leader for medical and aesthetic light-base systems. The addition of specialized treatment heads ensured comfortable, safe treatment for all skin types. Because of LHE’s unique qualities, Radiancy’s systems became known for their safety, efficacy and ability.

Redefining LHE Technology for a Broader Audience

Radiancy then adapted LHE to develop a line of LHE MicroPhototherapy products. These systems could be confidently used by salons and spas for aging skin, acne and hair removal. Though they don’t deliver the punch of LHE professional systems, they allowed Radiancy to open once locked doors. Quality skin care became more accessible to all skin care providers and their clientele.

Their premiere system, Mistral, incorporates a computer-based operating system that facilitates quick upgrades and detailed record keeping on one platform. Mistral’s Optimum Pulse Train (OPT) technology takes advantage of the skin’s thermal relaxation time. LHE treatments are safer and more comfortable while still maintaining optimal results.

Quality Skin Care for Everyone

Radiancy is also the home of the no!no! family of products. no!no! products adapt professional technology to be used at home by the consumer. Beginning with the no!no! hair removal system, the no!no! family has grown to include no!no! Skin for acne clearance and the FaceTrainer, to help build facial muscle for younger, healthier looking skin.

All no!no! Hair, Skin and Smooth products, Kyrobak and ClearTouch products lines are now owned by ICTV Brands, Inc. For customer service, guarantees, warranties and sales support please click one of the following links:, or

Today, Radiancy is well-established as a leader in the medical and aesthetic skin care market. Their core belief that everyone is entitled to quality skin care has driven them to redefine expectations in order to deliver smart skin solutions to the wide range of professionals and consumers possible.


Radiancy is a company of PhotoMedex Inc.