Wednesday, 10 April 2002 00:00
Patients of Color Benefit from SpaTouch® Photoepilation

ORANGEBURG, N.Y.: Radiancy Ltd. announced today that Health Canada has issued a Class II Medical Device License for a new Skin Type V-VI Replacement Kit to its flagship SpaTouch® Photoepilation System. The Company, a leader in developing affordable solutions for light-based aesthetic treatments, can now provide new and existing SpaTouch customers in Canada with a high-tech hair removal solution for their patients of color.

The new replacement kit (not available in the United States) allows the user to harness Radiancy's patented Light and Heat Energy (LHE®) technology and effectively remove hair from patients with dark skin types. The kit contains an orange flash lamp that operates in a wavelength range of550-1200nm. The light and heat generated by the orange flash lamp simultaneously penetrate and disable the hair follicle without harming the surface of the skin.

A series of treatments is typically required for optimal results. "With this new kit, I am able to effectively treat a much broader patient base -- African Americans, those of Middle Eastern descent, even those with tans," said Dr. Leon Herman, an Ontario physician who specializes in cosmetic skin care. "Now that we are specially equipped to adjust for darker skin, we are confident that there is less chance of adverse side effects such as hypopigmentation or scarring from SpaTouch treatment than with other devices." Dr. Herman also noted that "Our patients also report that the treatment is much more comfortable, particularly in sensitive body parts such as the bikini area."

Since its introduction in 1999, SpaTouch has gained popularity among those seeking safe, high-tech aesthetic solutions. The system is now available throughout Canada and in 32 countries worldwide. "The LHE platform technology of SpaTouch has proven to be one of the most versatile and affordable medical technologies in the marketplace today," notes Radiancy President Zion Azar, PhD. "In addition to hair removal of nearly all skin types, the SpaTouch System can also be easily adapted to treat acne with a green lamp replacement kit."

Established in 1998, Radiancy is devoted to the development of unique therapeutic and aesthetic products employing its proprietary LHE technology. Radiancy's Research and Development is based in the Yavne Industrial Park in Israel with its corporate headquarters located in Orangeburg, New York and offices in Asia and Latin America.