Tuesday, 23 July 2002 00:00

Study Shows Nearly 90% Clearance of Acne Lesions

ORANGEBURG, N.Y. /PR Newswire: Radiancy Ltd. announced today that its ClearTouch™ Acne Clearance System received marketing authorization from Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. The ClearTouch, powered by Radiancy's groundbreaking Light and Heat Energy® (LHE) technology, was shown to be a safe and effective alternative to topical and oral acne medications, delivering close to a 90% clearance rate of acne lesions in a recent clinical study.

"The authorization for ClearTouch in Japan reinforces the efficacy of LHE phototherapy technology as a superior treatment method and firmly establishes the versatility of the product," said Radiancy President Zion Azar, Ph.D.

ClearTouch therapy works by aiming a specially calibrated green-to-yellow wavelength of light over the affected skin, which penetrates the tissue down to 3mm and activates porphyrin, a chemical byproduct of the acne bacteria.

The porphyrin produces acne-destroying oxygen and shrinks the sebaceous glands. Simultaneously, the ClearTouch emits red light and heat energy to elevate the temperature within the acne lesion and speed up the photochemical reaction. Unlike many other broadband light systems, the powerful combination of green light and heat allows ClearTouch to successfully treat acne on all parts of the body, including the sensitive face area as well as deeper lesions typically found on the back and shoulders, with utmost comfort and virtually no significant side effects.

In the recent study, 19 patients between the ages of 13 to 28 received a series of 8 treatments over a 4-week period, with two follow up evaluations 4 and 8 weeks after the last treatment. All patients demonstrated a significant reduction -- nearly 90% -- in the number of acne lesions following LHE ClearTouch phototherapy. As early as the second week of treatment, most patients experienced a visible improvement in the number and severity of acne lesions. Further, most patients observed a consistent improvement of their skin condition up to two months after the treatment series.

"Our clinical work shows that the ClearTouch LHE platform offers the technological advantage of utilizing the higher range of the green to yellow light spectrum as well as heat and red light energy to optimize acne and sebaceous gland destruction," noted Monica Elman, M.D., the study's lead investigator. "In addition by combining heat and red light energy, ClearTouch produces anti-inflammatory results while avoiding short-term adverse side effects."

According to medical experts, the simplicity and ease of the ClearTouch treatment regimen is a significant benefit for adolescent acne patients who often find it difficult to faithfully comply with a daily routine of topical or oral medicines. Plus, patients are encouraged to complete the treatment series when they see such dramatic and positive therapeutic and cosmetic results so quickly and early on in the process.

Established in 1998, Radiancy is devoted to the development of unique medial and aesthetic products employing its proprietary LHE technology. Radiancy's Research and Development is based in the Yavne Industrial Park in Israel with its corporate headquarters located in Orangeburg, New York, and offices in Asia and Latin America. Radiancy is the market leader with more than 50% market share in light-based acne clearance systems worldwide.