Radiancy and Global Beauty Group Team-up for the Ultimate Facial MicroPhototherapy Gives Salons and Spas the Advantage
Thursday, 05 June 2008 00:00

Orangeburg, New York: Radiancy continues to challenge preconceived notions about light-based treatments with the Facial Skin Care Device, FSD. Radiancy will work in cooperation with Global Beauty Group (GBG), the USA distributors of SAMPAR and PAYOT cosmetics, to make FSD available in the spa and salon industries. This innovation enables owners to expand their businesses by offering their clientele the latest in light-based therapy, and for the first time makes clinically proven technology available to a broader market base.
FSD has earned FDA approval for the clearance of pigmented lesions, lightening age and sun spots. It lessens the affects of climate exposure as it homogenizes skin tone and gives the face a healthy, youthful looking glow. A non-invasive, non-abrasive treatment, FSD uses LHE MicroPhototherapy to refresh the skin appearance with no anesthesia and no downtime.
LHE technology is used by dermatologists and skin care specialists around the world to rejuvenate the skin. Flashes of Light and Heat Energy (LHE) penetrate deep into the skin to promote a natural healing response that clears the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, and vascular and pigmented lesions. With LHE MicroPhototherapy, Radiancy tailored this powerful technology to fit the needs of wider range of beauty care specialists.
Small, compact, portable, and affordable, the FSD weighs less than three pounds. With clear, one-touch settings and precise user protocols, it can easily become part of the salon and spa environment. FSD is used as a standalone MicroPhototherapy treatment, or integrated into pre-existing facial menus to help enhance the absorption of creams and lotions.
“We are very excited about our cooperation with GBG,” said Giora Fishman, VP of Radiancy Inc. “Bringing FSD into the salon spa environment will make quality phototherapy available to a wider range of customers,” Fishman explained further that  increasing treatment option will help to expand business opportunities as well. “Thus far the response we are getting from Day Spa owners is very enthusiastic. They see how safe and simple it is to use. And they are excited about the business opportunities created when FSD is integrated into their treatment menus," continued Fishman. “GBG holds the prestige and trust of salon and spa owners. Together, we create a situation where everyone wins.”
"I found the FSD to be a valuable tool to bring MicroPhototherapy into our menu of services. My staff is excited about this new treatment – the device is easy to operate, and it brings a new dimension to what they can offer our clientele." said Kate Weinberg, the SkinCare Director at Oasis Spa in NY. “That gives me that special something that keeps old clients happy and brings new ones in."
Radiancy Inc. develops and manufactures safe and effective light-based LHE and laser systems for skin rejuvenation, acne clearance, photoepilation, psoriasis care and laser skin resurfacing for the professional and home-use market. Small, smart and cost-effective, Radiancy phototherapy systems deliver optimal results at unmatched value.