NEW Light Makes Skin Tight from Radiancy Gently Smoothes Away Early Signs of Aging
Sunday, 23 March 2008 00:00

Orangeburg, NY: Radiancy Inc. will debut their new skin tightening handpiece at the Cosmoprof exhibition in Bologna, Italy. Skin tightening is a popular method used to initiate collagen rebuilding to smooth wrinkles and improve skin texture and laxity. Radiancy, leading developers and manufacturers of phototherapy systems, created SHALS (Smart Heat Accumulation Light Sequence) technology to bring a new level of comfort and safety to the procedure.

Skin tightening uses infrared light to penetrate deep into the lower dermal levels and set off a mild dermal trauma to initiate a wound/heal response. The collagen found in these levels responds with new growth, returning firmness and elasticity to the skin. ,As a result, fine lines and wrinkles become smoother and skin appears younger and fresher.

In order for this process to work, high temperatures in the deeper levels of the dermis are necessary. “This can bring the outer layers of skin to reach temperatures that cause extreme discomfort, pain and/or possible burning,” commented Dolev Rafael, PhD, CEO of Radiancy. “Since Radiancy is committed to safety and efficacy, our challenge was to heat the deep dermal layers without bringing the outer layers of skin above the pain threshold of 42ºC. SHALS technology solves this problem.”

According to Rafaeli, SHALS’ technology employs proprietary algorithms that support a multi-pulse train.  The pulse train takes advantage of the difference in thermal relaxation times between the outer and inner layers of skin. This enables the epidermis remains to remain cooler than the deeper dermal layers as they reach optimal treatment temperatures. “We developed a method that requires little to no cooling,” continued Rafaeli, “the virtually pain-free procedure leaves no lasting or harmful side effects.”

Results have been promising. Women taking part in a recent study remarked on an ‘instant’ tightening sensation. Further results become noticeable in less than a month, reaching a peak at 2 months.

The skin tightening handpiece will be available for Radiancy’s flagship system, the Mistral. The handpiece features a large spot size (22 x 50 mm) and comes with three small area adaptors. Operators can treat almost any size area quickly and conveniently, affecting only the targeted area while leaving the surrounding skin untouched. There are no demarcation lines, making it compatible with most other skin rejuvenation procedures.

The addition of skin tightening to Mistral's current application platform rounds out its skin rejuvenation capabilities. “There’s a growing demand for effective, noninvasive rejuvenation treatments,” concluded Rafaeli, “Skin tightening with SHALS technology meets those demands by naturally and discretely delivering results you can count on.”