Radiancy & Spectra Medical Systems Partner-up in India
Tuesday, 18 March 2008 00:00

Orangeburg, NY: Radiancy Inc. announced the beginning of a new distributor partnership with Spectra Medical Systems in India. Radiancy specializes in aesthetic and medical light-based systems that treat a wide array of skin conditions, from psoriasis to hair removal.
“Our systems are especially well suited for India and her neighbors,” commented Dr. Dolev Rafaeli, PhD and CEO of Radiancy. “The amount and grades of skin types in India can be a challenge for any one light-based system. Ours are known for safely getting results, no matter the skin color or type.”
Spectra Medical Systems is a dynamic company, ‘delivering high-end aesthetic systems at competitive prices’. In 1999, they became the first company to offer laser equipment in India, breaking open an untouched market and improving treatment standards across the region. Recognizing the growing demand for cosmetic procedures, Spectra Medical Systems has stepped in to fill the void.
“We are a young company, young at heart and enthusiastic about our goals,” said name of owner. “With the addition of Radiancy, we now have a well rounded product base that will help skin-care specialists deliver the services they once only dreamed of.”
Spectra Medical Systems will become responsible for all customer services and technical support throughout the region. This extends to systems in service before Spectra Medical Systems became Radiancy’s exclusive distributors. “They have a solid reputation for providing competent, professional support,” added Sharon Ravid, Vice President of Radiancy Sales. “This is the kind of partnership where everyone benefits with Broader exposure throughout the region and the necessary support tools to back it up.”