Mistral –Fast, Safe and Profitable Phototherapy
Monday, 13 November 2006 00:00

Radiancy Inc. announced the launch of Mistral, a light-based, multi-applications platform device for hair removal, skin photo rejuvenation, acne clearance and psoriasis. Using Radiancy's Light Heat Energy® (LHE) technology, Mistral, is one of today's fastest and safest light-based devices available. "Mistral is a cost-effective and powerful tool that can generate new sources of revenue in a popular and growing market," said Dr. Dolev Rafaeli PhD, CEO of Radiancy. "Fast treatments, unsurpassed safety and intelligent design come together to make Mistral the ultimate Radiancy product."

To fill the demand for faster more convenient treatments, an optional XL spot size (18 cm2) is available exclusively with Mistral. When the XL spot size combines with an accelerated pulse rate of 2-4 seconds, Mistral delivers the fastest treatment in the industry. The basic handpiece houses a spot size of 12 cm2, large by industry standards, and can be easily adjusted with snap-on adaptors to insure safe coverage of smaller areas.

Each handpiece is dedicated to a specific application, including Sensitive Care handpieces for Fitzpatrick skin types V-VI. "For some skin types, photo therapy can be harmful," commented Dr. Paul Sofer MD, head of Radiancy's clinical department. "These handpieces for skin photo rejuvenation and hair removal allow greater flexibility in choosing energy levels and enable the professional to create a safe and effective treatment solution."

At the core, a Windows CE custom-programmed platform simplifies operation and maintenance. "Taking advantage of the multi-dimensional capabilities of complete computer interface was the next logical step in LHE's development," said Gaby Cohen, Chief Technology Officer at Radiancy, "Mistral is very flexible and can be personalized to meet the needs of each individual operator." For instance, multilingual capabilities and touch-screen graphic interface streamline operation and shorten the learning curve. Preprogrammed protocols and intuitive user interface further simplify operation and facilitate altering between applications and treatment options. Mistral is easily upgraded, insuring that it remains compatible with all future innovations, such as the onboard patient database already under development.

"LHE is a fascinating technology," concluded Dr. Dolev Rafaeli. "Its unique application of thermodynamic principals has opened the doors to developing safe, result-oriented devices that element the need for cooling systems, bringing the pricing structure way down. With Mistral, we take LHE to the next level."

Radiancy Inc. develops and manufactures safe and effective laser and LHE phototherapy devices for Skin-Resurfacing, Hair-Removal, Acne-Clearance, Skin-Rejuvenation, Tattoo and Pigmented Lesion Removal and Psoriasis Care. Radiancy is committed to providing smaller, smarter and cost-effective devices for the medical, aesthetic skin care and At-Home markets.