Effective Photoepilation Made Simple

SpaTouch II was designed to further enable quick and easy entry to the photoepilation market and meet the needs of small to medium sized salons. Compact and lightweight, SpaTouch II is a no frills product that allows you to purchase just what you need to get you started in the field of safe, effective long-term hair removal.

Weighing only 5 kilo, the light-weight SpaTouch II combines portability with ease of use.

Single dial adjustments are easy to master, shortening the learning curve and increasing revenue. SpaTouch II's extra large spot size (22 x 55 mm), one of the largest in the industry, facilitates fast, convenient treatment sessions. Trouble-free procedures minimize specialized post-treatment care and eliminate client down-time. Working directly on bare skin without the need for cooling agents or gels allows you to immediately see results and skin reaction. This, in turn, creates a safer, more comfortable treatment.

Radiancy's commitment to accessible and affordable phototherapy is exemplified in the SpaTouch II.

Immensely popular in spas and salons for its single application simplicity and easy usability, SpaTouch II delivers all the power and efficacy you expect from an LHE device.



  • Proven LHE technology delivers clinically proven results

  • Safe & effective treatment insures high client satisfaction

  • Compact and lightweight enables easy portability

  • User friendly

  • Fast return on investment