Go First Class. Pay Economy.


Affordable, Superior Hair Removal

Applications: Hair Removal

Heavy competition and limited budgets make it hard to compete in the beauty business. You need an edge.
Spatouch™ Elite with LHE® phototherapy gives you that edge with high performance hair removal at a very affordable price. Whether you’re a doctor looking for extra revenue or a business owner ready to enter the lucrative field of light-based hair removal, you can profit with the Spatouch™ Elite.
Key innovations include a computer based system with intuitive user interface, simple one-touch adjustments and unsurpassed control and safety. With Spatouch™ Elite, you get fast treatments to keep the business booming and color-blind technology – to treat all your clients – skin types I-VI.
Advanced, long-term hair removal has never been more effective or affordable.


FDA cleared.




  • Upgraded LHE® System

    Faster treatments; long-lasting handpiece.
  • Safe and Effective

    Treat all your clients, skin types I-VI, with 1 systema
  • Simple Operation

    Intuitive touchpad operation and clear screen instructions guide you through the entire treatment.
  • Affordable Price Tag

    Spatouch Elite cost less and delivers more than any other system of its kind.