Light in the Fast lane

Hair Removal
Skin Rejuvenation
Collagen Renewall
Vascular Lesion Treatment
Pigmented Lesions Treatment
Wrinkle Reduction

The call for effective and safe hair removal and skin rejuvenation continues to grow. Kona gives you the opportunity to deliver today’s high demand applications at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Designed to fit the needs of beauty and skin care professionals, Kona, with high-demand applications, intuitive operation and attractive pricing, opens new revenue streams to keep your business healthy and growing.

Kona boasts standard (12 cm2) and extra large (18 cm2) spot sizes plus an ultra-fast pulse rate to deliver the fastest hair removal treatment available today. Remove hair from entire back with ease and comfort in less than 15 minutes. Fast convenient treatments keep your customers happy while increasing your throughput.

You can confidently treat all skin types with Kona and Optimal Pulse Train (OPT) technology. OPT takes advantage of the skin’s thermal relaxation time, allowing internal temperatures to reach effective levels while the surrounding skin remains cool and comfortable. An optional handpiece for Skin Types V and VI further increased comfort and safety.


FDA cleared.


  • One Handpiece

    No need to interrupt session when changing applications.
  • Safe

    LHE holds the highest overall ratings for safety in the industry.
  • Gentle

    Non-invasive, non-abrasive treatments without downtime.
  • Simple Operation

    Intuitive touchpad operation and clear screen instructions guide you through the entire treatment.